I like to consider myself just another Seattle born twenty-something who enjoys unlimited cups of coffee, multiple glasses of wine, fresh cut flowers, cozy flannel tops, endless adventures, and naps on Sunday afternoon.

In real life, I'm probably way more complicated than that. I'm a beauty professional working in retail management who graduated University of Washington - go Dawgs! 💜

In my spare time I enjoy browsing the internet for fashion deals (this wishlist is getting a bit ridiculous at this point), reading beauty reviews (even though I am immersed in beauty items on a daily basis I still like to hear what others think), giving my own opinion about life happenings on here or on youtube, cooking and baking (the less sugar the better baby!), pinning things I'll never have the time to go back and actually accomplish (it happens to us all), all while drinking a glass of rosé. Or a red blend. Or a glass of pinot. Heck, I really don't discriminate against wine, that and pizza are my main vices.

Occasionally my boyfriend will force me to go to the gym and that's when I dabble in healthier activities (just kidding, I try to go regularly to work off the pizza & rosé).

Overall, I'm just trying to live my best life one day at a time! ♡