Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018

It's an exciting day, well actually an exciting week, because it's one of the best sales of the year! The Nordstrom Anniversary sale has officially begun. During this time every year, BRAND NEW ARRIVALS FOR FALL ARE ON SALE UP TO 40% OFF! That's right, brand new finds for the fall area already hitting the shelves with a deep discounts! This post is going to give you the low-down on how I shop the sale, my anniversary wishlist and all the pricing information so you can easily shop this post at any time and have all the details.

5 Things My Dad’s Death Taught Me

First off, let me say that this isn’t going to be a negative blog post. It might seem like it will be based on the title, but it’s not. Death is inevitable and we can’t alway control when it will happen to our loved ones. We can, however, take the lessons they taught us while they were alive and utilize them every single day to keep their memory alive. Here’s what my father taught me. 

My Curvy Girl Swimsuit Picks

Ok so I am not one to be comfortable in a swimsuit... Actually, I haven't been comfortable in a swimsuit since I went to Hawaii in 2008 and I was about 40lbs thinner! However, THIS year I promised myself that I would find a few swimsuits to my trip to Mexico that I would at least feel comfortable in. But you know what? I think I found a few that I even look cute in! 

My Master Cleanse Diary + Tips To Survive The Full 10 Days

When I first heard my friend was doing the master cleanse and losing weight at a rapid rate I had the typical responses: "She will gain it all back," "It's not healthy," and of course the "That is SO stupid of her!" But then a month went by, she hadn't gained it all back, in fact, she had lost more. She had completely changed her eating habits AND her relationship with food. And I couldn't deny it, she looked GREAT! And I, well, I didn't. Simply put: I was the one left feeling stupid. 

Must Have Spring Shoes

Every time I go to hit "check out" these past few months I find myself picking up a gorgeous pair of shoes with #springvibes all over them! Here's my picks for must have shoes of the season that will transition easily into summer too! ♡

Spring Dresses Roundup

As I type this, the sun is beaming into my window, the birds are chirping outside, and I can see fresh flowers blooming which means it's finally springtime! I've been seeing gorgeous dresses at various retailers, so here is my roundup of a few of my favorites! ♡

The Road To 10k: Instagram Tip & Tricks

Ok so if you had told me that I’d have 10,000+ followers on Instagram less than a year ago in July when I was hovering at 2,000 I would have laughed at you. But here I am... less than a year later... and I’ve surpassed it! Let’s first state the obvious: it wasn’t easy. It was long, frustrating, and at times very annoying. I honestly wanted to give up for the longes time, but enabling the “swipe up” feature Instagram gives you after 10k followers kept me motivated! It’s the little things, right?! Haha! 

Personalized Jewelry With GigiMey

A year ago I committed myself to my boyfriend David and wow, time flies! Fast forward a ton of “first” memories like meeting the family, traveling internationally together, engagement ring shopping, moving in and so much more, here we are! I couldn’t think of a better way to keep him close to my heart more than this customized piece of jewelry from GigiMey!