$1000 Target Giveaway!

If you know me at all, you know I go to Target on an almost-daily basis. In all fairness it’s right by my work. And there’s a Starbucks in there. And they have different sales all the time. And I can get wine and And I mean, hello?! The $1 section gives me life on a bad day!  

Ok, enough with the excuses! But I teamed up with some of my favorite bloggers to give you a chance to win $1000 to spend there!  

Beach Life in the Winter

If you came to the beach area in West Seattle during the winter, you would never be able to tell that during the summer it's back-to-back bumpers, endless traffic, and a non-stop good time! It's basically dead here during the winter time, which is actually my favorite time of the year on the beach! The crisp winter air, the sound of the relaxing waves... Nothing is like it! 

My Personal Holiday Wishlist

I'm not usually one for wish lists, but when your boyfriend asks you to make one because his family keeps asking and your mom can't figure out what you want this year and you are constantly growing your own wishlist that you have no problem buying on your own... well... you make an interactive one! I honestly am just not used to receiving gifts, I always just buy what I like for myself! But I suppose it's good to be spoiled every once in awhile...