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Black Friday 2017 Purchases

Black Friday 2017 Purchases

I'm not one to usually shop on Black Friday, but this year I couldn't resist the deals! There are quite a few things that I had my eye on and I couldn't resist once those discounts hit! Here's the list of things I took the plunge on!


Seriously guys... I wasn't going to buy anything. And then it happened. And now it's getting shipped. And I'm ok with it. Did I need any of it so close to the holidays? No! But the deals were too good to pass up and these are classic items I can wear for years! (Do you see me trying to justify this as I type? Haha!) 

The North Face Nuptse 2 Vest

I've been wanting this North Face vest for years now! Living in the Pacific Northwest can lead to unpredictable weather, and I don't always want to be overheating in a down jacket, but I also don't want to be freezing in a cardigan! This classic vest is truly the answer!

BP Lightweight Rib Stitch Cardigan in Black

Love this classic cardigan! I went through my wardrobe earlier in fall and realized I only have a few in different textures. It was time to go back to basics and I picked these up in 3 colors!

BP Lightweight Rib Stitch Cardigan in Olive Tapenade 

This is such a unique color, I couldn't resist picking it up! I think I would regret not having this in my wardrobe for years to come. As you can see, the yellow-themed love affair is still in full swing.

BP Stirrup Leggings

Now these really intrigued me! I texted my bestie who just happens to be a fashion expert, and she said, "Yes! Go for it! As long as they aren't crushed velvet." Haha! So I did it! I can't wait to pair them with a nice sweater and some boots this winter!

Michael Kors Puffer Quilted Faux Fur Down and Feather Filled Jacket

One of my coworkers came into work the other day with a jacket similar to this and I instantly had to have it! I was so warm and cozy yet fashionable, I can't wait to wear it this winter!

Michael Kors Hooded Anorak in Army Green

This jacket has been on my wish list for awhile and the price took a steep enough cut that I decided to get it before it sold out. Living in Seattle, the weather can be unpredictable! But judging by the reviews this seems like it will be light enough to take me all the way through those spring showers and back into fall again!

BP Drop Shoulder Pullover Sweater in Black

I'm such a weirdo and I googled other people wearing this sweater from 2016 and wow does it look amazing on them! So I went ahead and again, took the plunge, and bought it in 3 classic colors!

BP Drop Shoulder Pullover Sweater in Red Rumba

Can you believe I have absolutely nothing basic in red? I had to get it!

BP Drop Shoulder Pullover Sweater in Green Wood

I have nothing in my wardrobe in this beautiful hunter green! I can't wait to wear it!

BP V-Neck Pullover in Black

You can never have too many V-Neck sweaters! I love that this one has ribbing on the sleeves as well to give it a bit more structure!

Buffalo Check Pompom Beanie

I've been oddly obsessed with buffalo print this year. I picked up a buffalo scarf recently, a buffalo blanket for our apartment... naturally, this came next.

Nordstrom at Home Our First Christmas Hand Blown Glass Ornament

It's our first Christmas together, so I knew I wanted to celebrate that! I saw this and it goes perfect with the other ornaments we picked up for our first tree together! I am so excited to put this on the tree together this year.

What did you pick up this Black Friday? 

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