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Bride Tribe Takes Vegas

Bride Tribe Takes Vegas

I've been to Vegas once before. And by once I mean I was a fresh 21 year old with not a big budget, no life experience, and no clue how to navigate thru the Sin City. This time around, I not only am in my late twenties with a little bit bigger of a budget, but I knew exactly how to take over Vegas, as opposed to Vegas taking over me! 


First things first, I knew I had to travel in comfort and style. 

Vince Camuto Jania Hardside Spinner Luggage

Articles of Society Black Cast Denim

BP Black Shirt

Old Navy Buffalo Flannel Top

BP Bad Hair Day Hat

• Article of Society Pants (These babies stretch! I ordered a size down!)

White Leather Chuck Taylors (These run big! I ordered a size down)


I was there for a bachelorette party so naturally, I had to wear bachelorette gear! We all got these adorable matching swimsuits! The material is amazing and they flattered every body type! 

Similar Bride Tribe Swimsuit

BP Frayed Denim Shorts

Haviana Women Slim Sandals

Rebecca Minkoff Moto 3 Zip Crossbody


And I’m telling ya, this was after days of drinking margaritas, endless eggs benedict’s, and plenty of bride tribe matching candy! And see how flattering it is?! I’m very impresssed Target! 


These hats were the perfect addition to the #bridetribe and can be found at this awesome Etsy store!


Of course, I had to be a bit extra and go all out to our clubbing experience at Omnia Nightclub!

• Forever 21 (Girl... this was a diamond in the rough at $15 and I have no idea what the item number is!)

• Heels - Torrid Strappy Wrap Lace-Up Heels


All in all, it was an amazing trip! Vegas, I’ll be back!  

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