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Lash Extensions With Noir Lash Lounge

Lash Extensions With Noir Lash Lounge


I've had lash extensions before. Forever ago. I mean, literally 10 years ago. They were gorgeous and honestly I loved them! If you're the kind of person that doesn't want to wear mascara daily, you don't wear much eye makeup, and you just want to look thrown together, then eyelash extensions may be perfect for you! Flash forward 10 years later: I'm headed to Mexico and don't plan on wearing ANY makeup but I wanted to look put together. This is where Noir Lash Lounge comes in!


The Location & Booking

Noir Lash Lounge has multiple locations throughout the USA and Canada as well. However, the particular one I went to was in Downtown Seattle, WA. It was super clean, very inviting, and even has online booking! There was a gal getting her brows done when I went and by the sound of the conversation, she was a regular who loved it too. 

Best part? There is online booking! No matter which location you choose to go to, you can book super easily through the online portal


The Consultation

When I came in, I had NO idea what I wanted. I just knew that I wanted to have full, voluminous lashes that still looked natural because I wanted to easily be able to take them off when I got back from vacation. I also didn't want to have to worry about them looking "too much" when I wasn't wearing any makeup in Mexico. That's where the lash technician came in. Katie was super friendly, helpful, and helped me choose exactly what I needed! I ended up getting the classic full set with just enough curve. 


The Process

Overall, the process went super smooth! They use a hydrating eye patch and you do have to keep your eyes closed, but it isn't as bad as I was anticipating! I thought I would fall asleep or I would get super bored as I don't do well staying in one place for too long but Katie was super easy to talk to that the whole process only took a bit more than an hour! I absolutely LOVED the result. As you can see, the "after" really shows how much volume and curve I got, without it looking too much.

If I can give you ANY tips and tricks, the best one I can give you is DO NOT WEAR ANY EYE MAKEUP. I repeat: DON'T WEAR ANY EYE MAKEUP! If you come in with mascara on, it will take extra time to take it off and you may not get as much wear out of your lash extensions because you are creating a barrier between the lash extensions and the actual lash so instead of the glue drying onto your lash, it dries onto the mascara ON the lash! Therefore, when the bond of the mascara wears off, your lashes will come off too. Just don't do it. You'll survive! 


The Aftercare

As with all good things, you have to make sure you properly followup and take care of them to maintain the original look of the lash extension! The following is the aftercare guide directly from Noir Lash Lounge

- The first 24 hours are critical as it's time for the adhesive to set! After 24 hours, you can cry, laugh, do whatever you like!

- The NO-NO's: no curling your lashes, no mascara (unless formulated for lash extensions), no smoothing your face on your pillow, no eye masks, no high heat, and definitely no plucking or picking your lashes.

- Use a pointed, lint-free cotton swab and an oil-free makeup remover to keep your eyes clean nighty whether or not you've worn makeup.

- Use a facecloth or makeup remover wipes to wash your face.

- Avoid facing the shower. They're waterproof but not jet-spray-in-your-face-proof.

- Use a headband when you're hitting the gym or working up a sweat. This prevents sweet from dripping into your eyes. 

- Should they "shift" use tweezers or the provided mascara wants to adjust them back into place.

- Shed happens. The life span of a lash in it's telogen phase can be between 4-to-8 weeks. Which means you can see shedding between 2-to-15 lashes each day.


Overall, I had an amazing experience! I highly recommend Noir Lash Lounge here in Seattle, if you end up going let me know how your experience is!  

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. As always, all opinions are my own!

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