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Apartment Design Preview: Curated Classics You Need

Apartment Design Preview: Curated Classics You Need


I’m not one to tell you that you need to run out and pick up a few pieces from this post. But I have to say, I outdid myself on this one. And by outdid myself, I am extremely happy with how this cookie is crumbling on the design of our new apartment!


When we moved into this apartment back in October I wasn’t even here! Can you imagine my stress levels?! David moved everything (with the help of his buddies and my loving mother) while I was on a work trip in Hawaii! I was so stressed out worried about the move that I started pinning inspiration for apartment living like a crazy person. I mean, it didn't help I couldn’t sleep since my body didn’t know what time zone I was in either.

Once I narrowed down what “look” I wanted for this apartment the to-do lists started. Take this to goodwill, make sure this was unpacked first, see if this friend wanted this, etc. I was such a hyper organized person during October/November it was ridiculous! And I also went into purge mode. I absolutely hated the style we had in our last apartment. I had decided to go farmhouse chic because that’s what I always loved but it didn’t feel like me anymore. I had outgrown it. So it was time to start on a clean slate, but we had SO MUCH STUFF. I utilized donation services and sold a few pieces and finally… I had a clean slate.


The one thing I didn't want to do this time around? Buy without intent. I have been doing a lot of thinking and I wanted these next few pieces we purchased to be “forever” pieces, or at least ones we would have for quite some time. We are saving for a home, so it was time to buy things I know would transition nicely into that home whenever we ended up buying one!


Then BAM! Holiday season had arrived and I basically couldn’t do anything until now. So fast forward and we end up in this blog post! Man oh man this has been a long few months. You have to understand, I like things to be absolutely perfect. It’s probably the Taurus in my coming out, but I’m a bit of a perfectionist even when I don’t mean to be! This post isn’t a "reveal” because trust me, there is many more pieces I want to get but again, I don’t want to do that without being reasonable.

So over the last few months I curated these pieces from various retailers. Truly researched what I wanted, spent way too much time on pinterest, read a lot of product reviews, done ALOT of returns - I ordered 2 coffee tables before I decided on this one and I’m pretty sure my local Target guest service employees know me on a first name basis. And this is what we end up with! Over the next few weeks and let’s be honest, few months, I will be continuing to buy things for our apartment with intent. I know it will never be “perfect” but hey, a girl can dream right? Quality over quantity is definitely something to be valued, but also know when to buy a good bargain! I am realizing this balance as I decorate this time around.

I hope you enjoy this sneak peek of our new place! I truly am so much happier here than our last apartment - never take natural light for granted, I know I never will again haha! But in all seriousness, this feels like the perfect place to transition from an apartment eventually into a home and I’m so happy I get to share these moments with all of you. Let me know what you think and I will reveal even more soon!

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