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How to Set Intentions + Stick To Them The Whole Year

New year, new you - right?! Well, that’s easier said than done. I know that many people will read this post because they are looking for a change. The things they are doing on a daily basis aren’t getting them to where they want to go in life. Or maybe you have gotten yourself into a rut and you just need a way out. Intentions, in my humble opinion, are the answer and I’m going to share with you how I set intentions, how to stick to them, and my own personal ones for 2019 and many years to come.

Word of the Year 2019

I’ve never done a word of the year, but for the first time in a long time I feel like I know my path. I know what I want to do with this platform & this year I intend to drive home my mission! I truly want to inspire the people out there to be the best version of themselves every single day. Now in order to do all of those things, it requires one thing: consistency. Is it really that simple? Yes, yes it is.

5 Things My Dad’s Death Taught Me

First off, let me say that this isn’t going to be a negative blog post. It might seem like it will be based on the title, but it’s not. Death is inevitable and we can’t alway control when it will happen to our loved ones. We can, however, take the lessons they taught us while they were alive and utilize them every single day to keep their memory alive. Here’s what my father taught me. 

My Master Cleanse Diary + Tips To Survive 10 Days

When I first heard my friend was doing the master cleanse and losing weight at a rapid rate I had the typical responses: "She will gain it all back," "It's not healthy," and of course the "That is SO stupid of her!" But then a month went by, she hadn't gained it all back, in fact, she had lost more. She had completely changed her eating habits AND her relationship with food. And I couldn't deny it, she looked GREAT! And I, well, I didn't. Simply put: I was the one left feeling stupid.